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Along path Alexander the Great

ITINERARY: Tashkent-Khujand-Istaravshan-Shakhristan pass -
Iskanderkul lake- Penjikent-Samarkand-Tashkent
Duration: 15days/14nights.
Day 1- Direct flight Tashkent, meeting at the airport and transfer to hotel accommodation, lunch
after lunch half day SS around Tashkent. Back to hotel, dinner and rest.
Day 2 - Transfer to airport, flight to Khujand (ancient name Alexander Eskhata) and accommo-
dation in hotel “Khujand”, this is northern part of Tajikistan, Accommodation in hotel.
“SINO” Half day SS around, then excursion to the Timurmalik fortress (11-12cc) 100 m.
from the hotel and back to hotel.
Day 3 - After breakfast SS in Khujand, visit to museum, visiting of the ancient Orient bazaar
"Panchshanbe" and Medresse Sheikh Muslehidin 14-15cc. After lunch SS, back to
hotel, rest.
Day 4 - drive by coach outside the city trip to Istaravshan (formerly Uro-Teppa) 80 km. Lunch on
the way Overnight in Istaravshan ancient town's hotel or resort (Pansionat).
Day 5 - After breakfast short excursion in very old "Choykhona", and Kuk-Gumbaz and big bazaar,
and then going outside for continuing bike program to Shakhristan pass (H-3378m.) and
then up to the start of the pass. Overnight in the tents under the pass.
Day 6 - Transfer to Penjikent, through the pass Shakhristan 3378m accommodation in hotel or
private house.
Day 7 - Full day SS along ancient Sogdian town, visit to excavation, museum. Back to private guest
Day 8 - Drive to Iskanderkul lake, there we shall enjoy the majestic panorama of all high peaks in
Fann Mountains. Lunch and then descent to the mountain village Iskodar. Overnight in
the private national home.
Day 9 - Full day stay in base camp Iskanderkul lake, visit to waterfall and surrounding. Overnight
in the base camp Iskanderkul.
Day 10 - Drive to Dushanbe. Overnight in the hotel. Rest,
Day 11 - Full day SS in Dushanbe and Hissar fortress. Back to hotel. Overnight.
Day 12 - Full day SS around Dushanbe and Varzob gorge, back to hotel. Dinner and rest.
Day 13 - Half Day SS drive to Nurek and visit to High Damm H-300 m. Back to hotel. Half day rest.
Day 14 – after breakfast drive to Varzob gorge. Full day there is and Pic-Nic on the nature, after
afternoon at 16-30 back to hotel. Dinner and rest.
Day 15 - transfer to airport, departure home.

Days ……………………………… …15
Season……………………..1507 till 01.11.……………………….……1 - 25

1-2 3-4 5-6 7-9 10-14 +1free 15-19+1Free 20-25+1Free
The price includes:
Not includes: meeting and see off, all transfers any where, accommodation in hotels single and double room and tents, and also private guest-house, meals 3 time a day, EXCORT GUIDE, interpreter guide, local guide, cook, kitchen equipment.
visa and visa supports in Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Afghanistan, border permits 50 $ p/p and mountain permits 50 p/p and eco fee 1 $ p/p p/day.

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