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Very interesting combined tour introduces tourists with the famous architectural monuments of the ancient towns of Great Silk Road Samarkand and Boukhara. Desert surrounding Boukhara and lying at the foothills of Zerafshan range - Samarkand, with their2500 years of history are still the most big and beautiful cities of Central Asia.
The excursions to these cities are varied with mountain trekking in the unique, beautiful Fann mountains. High Peaks, grandeurs rocky walls and picturesque mountain lakes with juniper forests and Alpine grasses will open their charm to the travelers....                                              

Day 1

Arrival to Dushanbe in the morning from Istanbul.Drive to Hotel and rest . After lunch free day in dushanbe. Visit centre of city. Somony monument. and Dusty skquare.Lunch and dinner in butiful national restourant Rokhat

Day 2

After Breakfast Full day excursion in Dushanbe: & Hissar. visit museum of histry and museum of ethnographi. After lunch Drive to Hissar city and visit Hissar fortress , museum of ethnographi & medresse. Back to Dusnanbe Visit Bazar. Dinner and rest

Day 3

After breakfast drive to Penjikent city  thru Anzob tunnel and Zerafshan valley. Lunch on the road. Arrival to Penjikent accomodation in guest house Elina Dinner and rest

Day 4

After breakfast. Excursion in Penjikent with visiting ancient Sogdian town, archeological museum and republican historical- ethnographic museum. On the second half of the day transfer from Penjikent to the 6-th of Marguzor lakes (80kms). Accommodation in H-2600 m. Camping 1.

Day 5

Walking excursion to Hazorchashma lake. Back to the H-2600m. Camping 2.

Day 6

tracking starts. Passage to the foothill of Tovasang pass. Camping near the summer campsite of shepherds.



Day 7

Taking the pass of Tovasang (1A 3300ms). Camping near the summer campsite of the shepherds. H-2850 m. Camping 3.

Day 8

Taking of the Munora pass (1A 3500ms). Descent to the valley of the river Archamaidan. H-2750 m. Camping 4.

Day 9

Hiking along the river in the valley of Archamaidan Up to the Zimtut village. H-1950 m. Private guest house or camping 5.

Day 10

Taking of the Guitan pass. Sightseeing of Chukurak lake. Descent to base camp "Artouch". Accommodation in cottages. H-2200m.

Day 11

Passage to famous Kuli-Kalon lakes. H-2800 m. Camping 6.

Day 12

Easy day. Sightseeing in picturesque lakes surrounded by tremendous mountain slopes. Overnight camping. H-2800m. Camping 7.

Day 13

Taking of Allouddin pass (1A 3500 ms). Descent to Aloudin lakes. H-2900 m. Camping 8.

Day 14

Resting day in Aloudin lakes. Overnight camping.

Day 15

Descent to river Immat, to the foothill of Chapdara peak. Back to the camping for overnight.

Day 16

After breakfast transfer from mountain  to Penjikent(175 kms). Accommodation in Guest house Elina , dinner and rest after trekking

Day 17

After breakfast drive to Dushanbe . Lunch on the road . Accommodation in Dushanbe in hotel. Dinner in national restourant Dinner and Rest.



Day 18

Flight back home. in the night.






1. 07. -30. 10.

Min. group of

2 - 20 per.



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