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Round Tajikistan, Pamir &Wakhan Adventure Tour


Round Tajikistan, Pamir &Wakhan Adventure Tour

(By Jeep for 3 person for one Jeep)

Itineray: Tashkent – Khujand- Istaravshan – Dushanbe – Kalai-Khumb- Khorog – Ishkashim – Langar – Murgab – Ak-baital pass Karakul – Kysyl-Art border.

Duration: 15Days

Day-1 -  Arrival in TASHKENT  meet and transfer to hotel. Overnight  in hotel 

                 Dedeman Silk road Hotel in Tashkent (Dinner only)
Day-2 - TASHKENT - KHOJAND drive from Tashkent to Border. Meet Tajikistan Guide and Bus

                 (or 4WD) at the Border. proceed to Khujand. Upon arrival sightseeing of Khujand city 

                 (Citadel, Museum).Transfer to Hotel for dinner and overnight.(Breakfast, Lunch &  

                  Dinner)  Hotel in Khujand - "Sino"

Day-3 - Sunday: KHOJAND - ISTARAVSHAN  Drive to Istaravshan. Sightseeing of Istaravshan 

                old city (Medressa, Mosque, Mausoleum, Mug Teppe, and Bazaar).Transfer to hotel for

                dinner and overnight (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner) Pansionat


Day-4 - Monday: ISTARAVSHAN - DUSHUNBE  Morning, sightseeing of Istaravshan. Then drive 

                to Dushanbe via Ayni Pass (3378m) and Anzob Pass (3372m). On the way, visit Penjikent 

                Ruin from Ayni.Arrive and transfer to Hotel TAJIKISTAN for dinner and 

                overnight.(Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner) This is day for tourist very hard day: so we crossing

                  through 2 passes:  Shakhristan pass and Anzob pass

Day-5 - Tuesday: DUSHUNBE  Morning, visit Hissar fortress, Medresse. Afternoon, city tour of

                Dushanbe including Museum of National Antiquities, Bazaar etc. Also preparation for trip to 

                Wakhan and Pamir. Dinner and overnight at hotel.(Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner)


Day-6 - Wednesday: DUSHUNBE - KALAI-KHUMB  Drive from Dushanbe to Kalai-khumb via

                 Khaburabot Pass (3252m). Arrive and transfer to Home for dinner and overnight.

                 (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner) We have in Kalai-Khumb good private guest house.

  Day-7 - Thursday: KALAIKHUMB - KHROG Drive from Kalai-khumb to Khorog. Arrive and transfer 

                 to  HOTEL SERENA INN (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner)

Day-8 - Friday: KHROG - ISHKASHIM Drive from Khorog to Ishkashim along the Pyanj River. On 

                the  way, visit Garm-chashma for bath. Arrive and transfer to home for dinner and 

                overnight. (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner) We are recomend stay in Yamchun near 

                Ishkashim  very beutiful places  OK

Day-9 - Saturday: ISHKASHIM - LANGAR  Drive from Ishkashim to Langar. On the way, visit Bibi 

                Fatima hot spring and Fort at Yamchun, Sufi Museum at Yang, Buddhist Cave and 

                monastery  of Vrang, Ruin of Fire Temple at Zong. Arrive and transfer to home for dinner

                and overnight(Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner)


Day-10 - Saturday:  LANGAR - MURGHAB Drive up to Bulunkul lake via Khargushi Pass

                   (4333m).  Enjoy view of Bulunkul and Yashilkul lakes. Then continue drive to Murghab

                  via Naizatash Pass(4137m). On the way, visit Chinese cemetery. Arrive and transfer to

                   home for dinner   and overnight. (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner) We have good private

                     guest house.  

Day-11 - Monday: MURGHAB Full day Excursion to Petroglyph at Ak-Jilga, Dara old mining town, 

                   Bazaar of Murghab.Dinner and overnight at home in MURGHAB.

                   (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner) We have in good private guest house. OK

Day-12 - Tuesday: MURGHAB - OSH (KYRGYZISTAN) Drive to Osh, Kyrgyz via Ak-baital Pass

                   (4655m),  Karakul lake &  Kyzyl-Art Pass (4282m) and Sary-Tash Border. Arrive OSH 

                    and transfer to Hotel (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner)    Hotel in OSH - "Intourist hotel"

Day-13 - Wednesday: OSH - FERGANA - FLIGHT TO TASHKENT Drive to Dusty Border. Meet

                   at Guide and Bus from Uzbekistan side. Then continue to Ferghana. On the way, visit

                   Market of Margilan and  private silk factory. Flight to Tashkent by HY1022 (16:30).Arrive

                   at  Tashkent (17:45) transfer to Hotel. O/N Dedeman Silk road Hotel in Tashkent

                    (Breakfast,  Lunch & Dinner)

Day-14 - Thursday: TASHKENT  Rest at Hotel PM: Sightseeing of Tashkent city. After dinner, 

                    (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner).

Day-15 - Friday: TASHKENT – Airport     Transfer to airport for departure

      Day ……………………..……….15

      Season……………….01/07 – 01/11…………………… 1 – 25

The program  includes:    meeting and see off in airport Tashkent, accommodation in hotel  

                                         in Tashkent, Khujand, Istaravshan, in Dushanbe, Khorog, Osh 

                                         and ather guest house, full SS and entres fees,escort guide and 

                                         local guides, full board, all lnding transfers by Jeep Toyota land

                                         cruiser, any where porterege service,

            Not  icludes:  visa  and visa support, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and  Kyrghyzstan.

                                         Boerder permites for Pamir – 40 $ p/p


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