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ITINERARY: Tashkent – Samarkand – Penjikent-Istaravshan-Khujand – Isfara –
Khaydarkan – Pamir-Alai –Osh-Ferghana- Tashkent.
Day 1 Arrival to Tashkent. After the lunch city sightseeing tour around Tashkent : square of Independence, theatrical square, monument of Courage (Earthquake), monument of People 's friendship, monuments of medical architects-Kaffal Al Shashi Mausoleum (XVI c. ), Barockhona Medresse (XVI c. ), Kukeldash Medresse (XVI c. ). accommodation in hotel.
Day 2 After breakfast. Half day SS and afternoon transfer Tashkent-Samarkand (290 km, 4hs). Accommodation in the hotel.
Day 3 Breakfast. Sightseeing tour of ancient Samarkand : Registan square with it's medresse (XV - XVII cc. ), Mausoleum of Gur - Emir. Ensemble of Shahi - Zinda (XIV-XV cc. );Bibi- Khanum Mosque. Lunch. After the lunch excursion to Afrosiab archeological sight; Observatory of Ulugbek. Dinner. transfer to the railway station. transfer Samarkand - Penjikent Tajikistan. Accommodation in hotel.
Day 4 After breakfast Half day SS and then drive to Istaravshan (former Ura-Tube) lunch on the way, accommodate in guest house, rest.
Day 5 Half day SS around ancient town Istaravshan ( former Ura-Tube) and then drive to Khujand (Ferghana valley), lunch, SS around Khujand, accommodation in hotel.
Day 6 After breakfast drive from Khujand and Isfara to Haiderkan by mountain coach through Haidarkan settlement (Kyrgystan) to the valley of Alauddin river of Alaiski range of the Pamir - Alay. Camp on the bank of river. After the lunch preparation to the trekking. Dinner. H-2500m. Camping 1.
Day 7 Passage by a good path to the Upper Alaudin river. Afternoon ascent to the alpine zone. Camping in the wide area with beautiful view. Distance-10km. (H-3480m. T-6hs). H-3480 m. Camping 2.
Day 8 Passage through the path Kumbel (1A/3958 m). Crossing of the pass. Descent to the small lake. Rest near the lake. Passage by a good path to the valley of Ikkidovon river. Camping at the wide, green glade with good panorama on the Alaisky range with Kichik Ailama peak (5044m. L12km H3050m. T7hs). H-3050 m. Camping 3
Day 9 Passage through the good path along the right bank of river up to the Ikkidovon glacier. Camping will be under the rocks by the beginning of glacier. (L8km. H3700m. T5hs). H-3700 m. Camping 4.
Day 10 Tough day. Passage over Alaisky range. Ascent on the Alauddin pass (1B/4296m. ) on the snowing slope. Easy ascent on the Alauddin glacier. Camping will be in the nice place with panorama of the glacier and greatest peaks of Alaiyskiy range. (L8km. H4000m. T6h). H-4000 m. Camping 5.
Day 11 Descending to the wide valley of Koksu river. Walking over the river, flowing to the canyon, over stunning gorge. Camping will be on the big, green glade of right bank of river. (L9km. H3500m. T4h). H-3500 m. Camping 6.
Day 12 Ascent to one of biggest glacier of Alaiysky range- Abramov glacier: (L10km. S25km2). Overnight in the houses of mountain hydro fore-casting station "Abramov glacier" : (L5km. H3880m. T7h). In the daytime you talk with the staff and the station. H-3880 m. Camping 7.
Day 13 Resting day. Excursions around the sight. H-3880 m. Camping 8.
Day 14 Passage on the glacier to the Bokbash pass (1B/4300ms). It is possible to see the highest peaks of Pamir : Lenin Peak (7134m. ), Peter I with Korjenevskaya peak (7105m) and Somoni (former Communism (7495m). Descent to the side of Alaisky valley. Camping at the end of glacier. (L10km. H3600. T7h). H-3600 m. Camping 9.
Day 15 Descent by the grassy slopes along the river Kuturgan to the yurts of Kyrgyz shepherds. Interesting life in the Kyrgyz yurts. Overnight in Kyrgyz yurts. In the second part of day descent over good path along of right by the motor way in the canyon of Oksu river. Camping will be on the left bank of river. L8km. H2800m. T3h). H-2800 m. Camping 10.
Day 16 transfer along Oksu river to the Kizilsu (red water). transfer up-stream Kyzylsu river (L150km. ) to she "Lukovaya glade". (3800m. ) by the foot of Lenin peak 7134m. Camping under pass "travellers". H-3800 m. Camping 11.
Day 17 Excursions day. Descent to mountain's lakes on the Edelveis glade. Back to the camping site. H-3800 m. Camping 12.
Day 18 Passage over "travelers" pass. (NK/4200m. ) on the Lenin glacier. Sightseeing tour on the snow slope of Lenin peak (7134m. ). Back to camping. H-3800 m. Camping 13.
Day 19 transfer "Lukovaya glade" - Osh city (Kyrkhyztan) Accommodation in hotel.
Day 20 Half day SS around Osh and then drive to Andijan. ( 7 0 km. ) Lunch on the road. Afternoon flight to Tashkent. Dinner on hotel.
Day 21 Departure from Tashkent.
Days 21
Season July - September
Min. group of 6 - 15 per.
1-2 3-4 5-6 7-9 10-14 +1free 15-19+1Free 20-25+1Free
The price includes: In this prices includes: visa supports, all transfers, accommodation in hotels and guest house, base camp, add transfers only for excursions in the cities and in towns, meals 3 times a day, escort guide, mountain guide, guide interpreter, porters (12kg cargo p/pers), rent of necessary equipment dishes, folding tables, chairs, toilet tent, dinning tent, cooks, kitchen equipment with gas, foods.
Not included: Not includes: Visas and visa support in Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Kyrgiziya, license for Mountain in Tajikistan -50 $ per/per and ecological fees 1 $ per/per/day. and border zone to Pamir - 50 $ per/per.

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