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15 days Tash-Oybek-Khuj-Dush-Pamir-Wahan-Dush-Tashkent


Program: Tashkent – Uzbek/Tajik border Oybek – Khujand – Istaravshan – Shakhristan pass – Ainy – Iskanderkul lake – Dushanbe – Kalai-Khumb – Khorog – Ishkashim Wahan –Yamchun – Vrang – Zong – Langar– Murgab –Karakul  lake - Bulunkul lake –Yashilkul lake – Jelondy – bogev – Khorog – Kalai-Khumb – Kulayb- Dushanbe – Khujand – Tajik/Uzbek border “Oybek” - Tashkent.
Durations:15 days
The itinerary is the following:
Day 1 - Arrive Tashkent. Transfer to the Uzbek/Tajik border “Oybek”  at the 15-00PM  crossing throught the border and then drive to Khujand by Tajik car - driver and guide Drive to accommodation in hotel and then have a short time SS and, Panjshanbe Bazaar and the mosque/medresse complex. In the evening have a dinner and back to hotel.
 Day 2 – After breakfast exploration of the fortress by the  Sirdarya river, the Timurmalik and Khujand ethnographic museum after  drive to Istaravshan 
is a fascinating place with some of the oldest and most intact Islamic buildings in Tajikistan where the traditional street  layout of the old city 
has been preserved. Have a  visit the Mugh- Teppa hill fortress, mosque and medresse of Kok-Gumbaz, mausoleum of  Kuk-Gumbaz.After continuet trip to Dushanbe via Shakhristan Pass (3,378 m) and Iskanderkul  lake, Anzob pass and tunnel.  1-2 hours SS surrounding lake and then  drive to Dushanbe.  Accommodation in hotel, dinner and rest.
Day 3 – Full day SS in Dushanbe and Visit nearby Hissar Fort, former capital of  Eastern Bukhara province; and the museum of national antiquities.
Day 4 - Drive east from Dushanbe towards Klai-Khumb and the Pamirs. Stayovernight in guest house in Kalai-Khumb.
Day 5 - Follow the fascinating road along the Afghan border to Khorog. The road lie  between Pamir and Hidukush mountains Dinner. Overnight in hotel “Bizmench”.
Day 6 - In the morning we explore Khorog and and then drive to Ishkashim and  Yamg. Stop to bathe at the hot, mineral filled springs at Garm-Chashma on the way. And then drive to Yamg, 
Day 7   – After breakfast  the drive from Yamg to the clear water hot springs at Bibi Fatima. Then drive to Yamchun the ridge and see a  Zoroastrian Fortress of Fire Worshippers, Wrang Buddha monastery, and  then - Visit the quirky museum of Sufi Muborak-kadam, a local Sufi    
scholar, theologian, poet and traveller, who died in 1910. Continue by road to Vrang and climb up the hill to see the Buddhist Ziggurat complex and from Wrang to Langar via Zong. Overnight in guest house in 
Day 8 – After breakfast have SS surrounding Langaar and have a visit to “Petroglifs” and  see the petroglyphs carved into the rock, depicting mountain goats, caravans, horse riders with banners, and the Ismaili symbol  of a hand. Drive from Langar over Khargush Pass and then   continued trip to Murgab 
Day 12 – Morning drive to Murgab along Kuk khingit lake and Yangidavon pass 4427 ms. And arrival to Murgab and accommodation in guest house, dinner and rest.
Day 9 –  After breakfast have SS surrounding Murgab and have a visit to Modiyan  Hot spring places, lunch there and then drive to Karakul lake
Day10 –  After breakfast have SS surrounding Karakul lake and after drive to  Bulunkul and Yashilku lake and O/N in private guest house in  Bulunkul lake/
Day 11 – After breakfast SS surrounding Bulunkul and Yashilku lake and then  drive to Khorog via Jelondy (hot springs places) and the To Bogev, and arrival to Khorog, o/n in hotel “Bizmench”
Day 12 - Drive West from Khorog to Klai-Khumb. Stay overnight in guest house in Kalai-Khumb.
Day 13 – After breakfast drive to Dushanbe via Kulyab, Nurek sea and arrival to Dushanbe at 19-00 PM. Accommodation in hotel, dinner and rest.
Day 14 – early in the morning 7-00 leaving from to Dushanbe to Khujand via  Anzob pass 3373 ms, tunnel and lunch en route, and then drive via  Shakhristan pass arrival to Khujand  at 18-30PM  accommodation in hotel, dinner and rest.
Day 15 – After breakfast 8-00 drive to the Tajik/Uzbek border “Oybek” Cross Oybek at 10-00 AM border and drive to Tashkent.
    Days ……………………………15
    Season ……..………01.05. – 01.11. ….……………….1 – 25
The price includes: meeting on the Uzbek/Tajik border “Oybek” and see off  on Tajik/Uzbek border “Oybek” , all landing transfers, accommodation in private guest house and hotel, Dushanbe, Khorog, and other places guest house, escort guide,  all SS and entries fees,  full board, all transfers by mountain Jeep or 4x4WD.
Not  includes:  visa  and visa support Tajikistan. Border  permits for Pamir – 
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