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Biking tour along mountain roads:“ Bike-trek in the Northern Tajikistan ” 

ITINERARY:Tashkent – Khujand –Istaravshan – Ainy-Iskanderkul – Penjikent-Samarkand – Tashkent.
Duration: 15 nights/14 days.

Day  1  -  Meeting in airport in  Tashkent, transfer  to guest house. Lunch and

                    after  Short time SS around Tashkent. Back to guest house, rest.

Day  2  - After breakfast transfer to Uzbek/Tajik border “Oybek” crossing

                   through border and then drive to Khujand this  is northern part of 

                   Tajikistan,  meeting at airport and  transfer to hotel "Leninabad" on 

                   the bank of river Syr-Darya. Accommodation in hotel,  then 

                   excursion to the Timurmalik fortress (11-12cc) 100 m. from  the  

                   hotel. After thel lunch visiting of the ancient Orient bazaar

                   "Panchshanbe" and Madrasse Shaikh Muslihiddin 14-15cc. and

                   back to hotel.

Day  3  - After breakfast drive by  coach  outside the city 15-20 km  and there  

                   we'll start by bike our trip to Istaravshan ( former Uro-Teppa)

                   40-45  km. Lunch on the way Overnight in ancient town's  resort.

Day  4  - After breakfast short excursion in very beautiful and  old

                   "Choykhona", and Kuk-Gumbaz and big bazaar, and then going 

                   outside for continuing bike  program to Shakhristan and then up to

                   the  start of the  pass. Overnight in tents under the Shakhristan pass.

                   H- 2700 m.  Camping 1.

Day  5  - After breakfast, biking through the pass Shakhristan 3370 m, there  

                   we shall enjoy the majestic panorama of all  high peaks in Fann 

                   Mountains. Lunch and then descent  to mountain village Iskodar.      

                   Overnight in tents. H- 2100 m Camping 2.

Day  6  - After breakfast biking along mountain road  to  Sarvoda 40 km..               

                   Overnight in tents or in private houses. H- 1750 m Guest house.

                    Camping 3.

Day  7  - After breakfast biking to mountain lake Iskanderkul lake. Biking

                   will start up from Sarvoda to Iskanderkul   lake, this is very famous 

                   and  legendary lake the named  after Alexander the Great.

                   Overnight in the tents near the bank of the  lake. overnight  In the

                   base camp Iskanderkul  lake. The  base camp located on the  altitude

                   H- 2200 m. Camping 4.

Day  8  - Full  day trekking around lake and  Fann Mountains, alon  lakes.       

                  Overnight in tents near bank of lake. H- 2300 m tent..

Day  9  - After breakfast by track back Ainy and there is lunch after biking to        

                   village Urmetan 55 km. Overnight in tent or private Tajik house.

                     Camping 5.

Day 10 – After breakfast biking till Margidar village Overnight in tent or

                    private Tajik house. Camping 6.

Day 11 – Biking to Penjikent 40 km. In Penjikent overnight in private guest


Day 12 -  Full day SS around Penjikent. Overnight in private guest house.

Day 13  - After breakfast drive by bus to Samarkand through Tajik/Uzbek      

                     “Jartepo” crossing through border and drive to Samarkand. In

                     Samarkand accommodation in guest house. Lunch and after half

                     day SS around ancient Samarkand.

Day 14  - half day SS and after lunch drive to Tashkent, accommodation in

                    guest house.

Day 15  - After breakfast, transfer to airport, departure home.

   Days …………………………………..15

   Season ………………… May – October.

   Min group ………………..……2-20 pax.






10-14 +1free











 The price includes:  all transfers, transport supports, accommodation in  guest houses,  in

                                               mountain in the base camp, tent and private  house, accompany escort     

                                               guide,  mountain guide, cook, SS, entries fees, foods, meals 3 time a

            Not includes: Tajikistan, Uzbekistan,  - visa - 50 $ per/per, 

                                               visa support - 30 $ per/per,

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