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You are offered the very interesting route, connecting the dimensions of two periods, of the past and the present, the root of which goes far to that unknown period of Zoroastrism, descendants of fire worshippers. These last," Preserved tribes of Pamir" kept their history, culture, way of life and traditions up to present time. These people live in the mountainous valley of Zerafshan ranges of Pamir. You'll be given the chance to see in our route, consisting of two parts and takes it's beginning from the uppers of Zerafshan range, Pamir. The first part takes place through the mountain passes of Rost, Darg of Zerafshan range and the original, rough gorge of Yagnob valley and goes up to the Margib village. The second part starts from the pearl of Fann mountains lake Iskanderkul, passes through picturesque forests, mountain passes, ice glaciers to the cascade of mountainous lakes "Seven Bellies" and finishes in the mountain base of "Vagashtan"
Day 1 Arrival to Tashkent, Capital of Uzbekistan. transfer to Penjikent 360km. Overnight in Hotel.
Day 2 transfer by mountain bus through the small town Ainy to the settlement Hodishar. Camping on the bank of the river Zerafshan, near the bridge. H- 1800m. Camping 1.
Day 3 Easy day. tracking along Guzn river to Saripool small place. 2350m. Camping 2.
Day 4 Walking with the good path up to the upper lakes. H-3500m. Camping 3 at the alpine zone at the foothills of Zerafshan range.
Day 5 Tough day. Ascent through small glaciers by the path of Rost (1A 4020m) up to the top point of Hissar range, where is possible to see the magnificent panorama of the range. Descent to the valley of the river Yagnob. Camping 4 at the old times left Dekhcalone village. H-3230m. Camping 4
Day 6 Easy day. Passage to old Sogdian village Kiryonte. Acquaintance with the ethnography and traditions of aboriginals. Camping 5 in the picturesque place on the bank of Yagnob river. H-2800m. Camping 5.
Day 7 Passage along the river Yagnob through settlement Pscan, Naumetcan and the beautiful small place Shobita. Camping 6 on the green grass near the water mill. H- 2300 m. Camping 6.
Day 8 Long passage to the settlement of Margib. On the way one can see the panorama of huge mountain with sharp rocks, covered with snow and ice-falls. Overnight at the house of local people. The end of the first part of the trek. H-2050m Guest house.
Day 9 transfer with the mountain bus from Margib to the Settlement of Saritag. On the road just a stop for sightseeing of the lake Iskanderkul (The lake of Alexander the Great). Camping 7 in a birch forest on the bank of the Karakul river, at the foothills of the peak Kirkkiz (Forty girls). H-2400 m. Camping 7.
Day 10 Resting day. Swimming in the river, sun burning, singing at the fire. H-2400 m. Camping 8.
Day 11 Passage to the gorge of the river Dugdon (under pass). Camping 8 at The Juniper trees, surrounded by rocky mountains.
Day 12 Strainy day. Taking the pass of Dugdon (1A, 3810m). Descent through small glaciers to the valley of the river Sari-hodan. Camping 9 on the vast green razz, surrounded with high peaks with ice-glaciers. 3250 m. Camping 9.
Day 13 Passage to a small lake Poushtikul with turbulent water. It is possible to swim in the lake. Taking of not so high path in the next gorge. Camping 10 on the uppers of Nagnout river. Camping 10.
Day 14 Passage through the pass of Munora (1A, 3520m). Descent to the river Sarimat. Camping 11 at the alpine zone of the valley of river Tovasang (pass H-2850 m). Camping 11.
Day 15 Taking the pass of Tovasang(H3300m). Descent to the lake of Marguzor, the sixth lake. Camping 12 near the lake. H-2600 m. Camping 12.
Day 16 Easy day. Walking through the road to the lake of Mijgon (First lake). On the second half of the day mountain bus takes you to the settlement of Vagashton. Accommodation in two-bedded rooms. The happy end of big trek in the mountains, fiesta dinner. H-1850 m. Guest house.
Day 17 Transfer from Vagashton to Uzbek city Boukhara via Penjikent, Samarkand, (410km). Accommodation in hotel.
Day 18 Full day SS along one's the ancient Great Silk Road city Boukhara. Sightseeing excursion. Back to hotel.
Day 19 Transfer from Boukhara to Samarkand in the comfortable bus (300). Accommodation in hotel.
Day 20 Half day SS in the largest Great Silk Road city Samarkand. And Short time shopping. After lunch drive to Tashkent in the comfortable bus (290). Hotel
Day 21 Departure from Tashkent.
Min. group of.........2 - 20 per.

1-2 3-4 5-6 7-9 10-14 +1free 15-19+1Free 20-25+1Free
The price includes: all transfers, accommodation in hotels and guest house, base camp, transfers only for excursions in the cities and in towns, meals 3 times a day, escort guide, local guide, mountain guide, porters (12kg cargo p/p), rent of necessary equipment dishes, folding tables, chairs, toilet tent, dinning tent, cooks, kitchen equipment with gas, foods.
Not included: Visa and visa support in Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Mountain and ecological fees in Tajikistan -50 $ per/per and ecological fees 1 $ per/per/day.

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