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Buddhist monastery Adjina-Teppa, V-VIII centuries

It is located 12 km to the east of Kurgan-Tube. By plan, the fortress is rectangular, with two parts, including monastery and temple. In temple yard large cruciform mortar was located in the plane of the ornamented facade by steps. The building of monastery was erected
from the raw brick and blocks. The building was covered by arches, cupolas and etc. The wall of the temple and halls were decorated by the numerous sculptures of Buddha and bodhisattvas, among which there was 12 m statue of Buddha laying in Nirvana. The walls of the
corridor were covered by the miniature paintings, reflecting the sermon of Buddha, surrounded by people and scene of gifters.Researchers: Academic B.A. Litvinsky, T.N. Zeimal (1960-1975). The materials are kept in the fund of Institute ofHistory, Academy of Science Republic of Tajikistan.

A little Information about Qurghan Teppa

The main road leaves Dushanbe through the southern gates. There are regular bus services leaving from the bus station at Nazarshoev Street in the south of the city. It is possible to go by train from Dushanbe to Termez in Uzbekistan.

There is a good tarmac road over the two ranges of waterless hills to the large town of Qurghan Teppa, 87 km from Dushanbe. It is a pleasant town with a wide tree lined streets and attractive parks, but the suburbs are full of derelict factories. On entering the town there is an interesting museum on a knoll on the right, opposite a dramatic statue of Somoni on horseback. The museum staff is friendly and the exhibits are well laid out. There are good views over the surrounding plains from the turret.

The main town of the town is at the t-junction at the end of Somoni Street, where there is a statue of Bobojon Gafurov, eminent historian, General Secretary of the Communist Party 1946-1956, who wrote the seminal book “The Tajiks”, which traced the separate identity of the Tajik race. Turn right at the junction on 200 m on, facing, is the excellent bazaar with stalls and a mall.

There are plenty of standard choikhonas. The small Russian Kitchen just before the T-junction provides good, cheap Russian food.

Of interest to visitors who have seen the magnificent Sleeping Buddha in the Museum of National Antiquities in Dushanbe, it is possible to see the sight of the excavation. It is at the Temple of Ajina-Teppa. To find the site take the road to the airport, turn right after 6 km, and follow the small road for another 6 km to the site. The excavation was a major undertaking, and the statue had to be cut up and reassembled in Dushanbe. Unfortunately all that can be seen are mounds of earth and a few traces of mud brick walls. Disappointingly there is no plan of the site or even a notice to show it is the site. All other treasures uncovered here were taken to Russia in the Soviet era.

To travel south it is possible to avoid Qurghan Teppa by taking a turn to the right just before the large bridge over the Vakhsh, 10 km before reaching the town. This road follows the right bank, running along the edge of low foothills, giving good views across the plains. The road joins the main road at the bridge near Jilikul, at 167 km from Dushanbe.

The main road goes south from Qurghan Teppa, passing through cotton and wheat fields, small villages and isolated mud brick houses. Many southern villages have been rebuilt completely since the civil war of the 1990s. This was the area hardest hit in those bloody times, and it speaks much for the resilience and drive of the Tajiks that the south is now at peace.





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