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Shirkent dinozaurs

ABOUT and  path of Dinosaurs


Revatskoe site trace dinosaur
It Is Found in valley yard YAgnob (Zeravshanskiy hr.), against пос. Ravat (Ayninskiy region), beside curbs автодороги Dushanbe - Hudzhand.
In 50-h year of our century E.A. Kochnevym are thereabouts found beside 120 imprints, belonging to стегозаврам, карнозаврам, целурозаврам and камптозаврам. At present ed from destruction around four groups of ten imprint.
Mestorozhdenie приурочено to thick mass угленосных sorts, under development Fan-YAgnobskim coal месторождением.
The Imprint of the legs dinosaur are usually grouped: in is reeked-oriented chains on 2-5 traces, less meet: single petrified rocks. The Maximum sizes imprint - 44x40 refer to, length of the step from 0,6 before 1,5 m. Depth of продавливания soil most beside large trace (before 5-7 refer to) and minimum - beside плохосохранных small imprint, having sizes 23x20 refer to All available traces трехпалые, but on the form amongst they stand out to varieties, which supposedly, orientating on determinations A.K. Rozhdestvenskogo, possible correlate with imprint of the legs камптозавров, карнозавров and целурозавров.
Under the provisions of formation sediment average юры Fan-YAgnobskogo месторождения is in основном continental, formed within extensive alluvial plain, teemed отшнурованными from epidemic deathes estuary, running lake and peat moss bogs with rich vegetation. The Traces dinosaur, to all appearances, are left within narrow coast band водоема, on humid else substratum, but are then bolted высыханием and цементацией setting in overlandcondition.


The Sediment джижикрутской retinues rich remainder large stem jurassic tree (the horsetails, цикадофиты, coniferous), захороненные by part in occuring during the lifetime position. One of the fossilized stem (the length 10, diameter 0,4 m) is situated: stratums-: graphic above .еледоносных horizon and is found approximately in 100 m northward from described sites, in curb автодороги also. Ugli Fan-YAgnobskogo месторождения subject to underground combustion. In several places of the valley, as well as against denuding with trace dinosaur possible to observe smoking output coal gas.
Site trace dinosaur "Babatag-1"
In south-west part Tadzhikistana (Gissarskiy р-н), on declivity hr. Babatag, turned to valley r. Kafirnigan, there is two sites trace dinosaur. The Site "Babatag-1" is situated approximately in 45 km to south-west from пос. Gissar, at the average current руч. The Effigy, in his(its) right board (the mountains Hodzhakulsun). The Traces dinosaur are discovered in 1981 V.P here. Bulinym and is described employee of the Institute to geologies.
The Traces dinosaur are situated in the manner of chains from 8 imprints on area of the layer by size 10x30 m. They are oriented on direct axial line (with small заступанием or osculation her(its)) toward with SV on YUZ. The General length of the chain 4,7 m. Imprint are an трехпалыми, but the form them and detail of the construction, in view of bad safety, are satisfactorily examined on 3-m only and 4-m trace from begin chains. The Foot animal enlarged to front part, where the most expressive was a middle finger (the length 15 and width 6 refer to.). Distance between "heel" adjacent trace, or length of the step, changes from 70 before 86 refer to Site trace dinosaur "Babatag-2"
 It Is Found in 20 km southward from site..Babatag-1" in верховьях руч. CHorrohsay. In 6 km to northwest from пос. Akmecheti.The Remarkable particularity of the described site is presence of the whole system протяженных and crossing chain trace. The Best point of the checkup месторождения is an opposite board of the influx, whence is well examined all следоносное field. The Gross amount imprint in месторождении does not yield to the strict count, but as a whole them more than two hundred. The Front imprint differ the broad round heel, length their shorter widths beside finger (35x52 refer to). Quite often appears the sensation that these traces have подковообразную form, in that events particularly, when middle fingers, usually short and sharp, "пропечатаны" слабее lateral, massive and round frontal. Around imprint of the back legs (the depth 9 refer to), as a rule, is seen platen выжатого from beneath foots animal soil. The Front traces possess the smaller depth (6 refer to) and platen beside them is expressed not so sharply.The Different degree to safety trace in crossing chain of the site "Babatag-2" witnesses, on the one hand, about разновременности their appearances, but with other - about sufficient length most period следооб-разования. The Traces appeared, to all appearances, in coast situation, about than obliquely witnesses presence amongst overlaying следоносный layer of the postponing несортированных оолитово-детритовых limestone, wave undulate and rifts усыхания. The Appearance in cut оолитов and gypsum points to a certain аридизацию climate.Site trace dinosaur "SHirkent-1.
In pool r. SHirkent on south declivity Gissarskogo хребта (Tursunzadevskiy р-н) is found immediately three sites trace dinosaur. Two of them are connected with верхнеюрскими postponing ("SHirkent-2" and "Harkush"), one - with нижнемеловыми ("SHirkent-1"). The Site "Harkush", приуроченное to output титонского tier (карабильская retinue) and containing 29 imprints of the legs more large звероногого dinosaur, is situated in верховьях of the valley r. SHirkent.


The Site "SHirkent-1" is found in 1,5 km northward from пос. SHirkent, on right coast r. SHirkent, in 250 m from her(its) riverbeds. The Site openly in 1963 employee of the Institute to geologies. The Animal left imprint in SHirkente, is referred by S.A. Zaharovym to new sort and type теропод Macropodasaurus gravis.
On denuded surfaces следоносного layer, toward with orient on west, exist two parallel rows imprint in lower numbers 7 traces, in upper well ed only two, rest are destroyed under выветривании. The Distance between axial line chain - around 1 m. Foots animal were an четырехпалыми: the most developed and, obviously, supplied когтями were shown 2-4-y finger (the length before 6-8 refer to, width beside basis 2 refer to). S.A.ZA-HAROVYM and F.H. Hakimovym is voiced suggestion that finger animal were an united rubber-band web and narrow claw when walking could small to raise oneself slightly. The Full length of the foot from the end third finger before back part of imprint - 50-56 refer to, width beside basis powerfully shortcut first finger - 28-30 refer to Traces are pressed in in sort on depth 3-5 refer to and encircled broad platen wrung out when walking the soil. The Exception forms only пяточная part trace that spare once is indicative of accesories animal k. type пальцеходяших. The Average length of the step 75 refer to, length of the double step 146 refer to Traces are situated strictly on axial line chain with small overlapping her(it), but practically without deployment of the foots in sides.
The Analysis of the cut ширабадской retinues is indicative of that that shaping of her(its) postponing occurred in band is flooded-лагунного shallow waters on background of the gradual insulation водоема from the main sea pool. Periodic осолонение водоема, been accompanied by fallout in sediment of the gypsum and dolomite, was broken выносом with land certain amount fresh water. On this, in particular, indicate the discoveries in ближайшем the encirclement an следоносного layer of the sinks эвригалинных gastropod of the sort Haustoter. Coming thereof, appearance trace dinosaur in coast zone пересыхающею водоема possible explain the close location эстуария small yard, where and moved the animals and searching for of drinking water and stern.
Valley r. SHirkent - фация "stone bottom"
Denuding with fragment of the fossilized bottom is found on right coast r. SHirkent in 1 km to northwest from пос. SHirkent (in 0,5 km южнее of the site "SHirkent-1").
The Stone bottom приурочено to кровлевой, smoothly polished surfaces layer a limestone. On area beside 50 m2 possible to observe густо penetrating this surface of the mink камнеточцев. The Minks have round form, depth their does not exceed 0,5-1 refer to, but diameter - 1 refer to Surface of the layer, besides, is covered приросшими lower casement of the sinks of the oysters, being situated usually group but 30-50 sinks. Single прирастания is noted seldom. The Sizes of the casements 3-6 refer to in diameter at thickness 1,5-2,5 refer to As judged by size and the form of the minks, they could be left drilling shellfish Lithophaga.
Site trace dinosaur "SHirkent-2 "
It Is Found in верховьях of the left influx r. SHirkent, approximately in 4 km eastward from Kirgizkishlaka. It Is Connected with автодорогой пешеходной by path.The Traces dinosaur представленны pack органогенно-детритовых limestone and dolomite by power beside 100 m. Inwardly this packs stand out two следоносных of the horizon, prepared by interval in 3,4-4 m. On the gross amount fossilized imprint (more than 300) and its size site "SHirkent-2" is the most large in Tadzhikistane.
Under the provisions of formation sediment both следоносных layer are certainly sea, dug in coast-медководной, гидродинамически to rolling ambience.Lower следоносный layer is tracked: in скальных denuding on distance 170-200 m. Within this horizon come to light: three disassociated следоносных of the field with the gross amount imprint legs dinosaur more than 200. The most large field (150x40 m) is situated: in west part of band leaving the horizon. Is it Here noted around three groups of ten субпараллельных (less - crossing), разнонаправленных chain trace with the general orientation in south-west - a northeasterly point. Average extent chain 5-6 m, maximum - 13,5 m. Full sizes trace I type vary from 48x34 before 52x36 refer to at length of the single step animal around 1 m. In some cases unidirectional traces of the described type are situated as it were two by two that can be due to impositions two or several следовых "track".The Traces II type also трехпалые, but differ vastly smaller size (26x16 refer to) and the form - приостренной пяточной by part and broadly drawn apart imprint of the lateral phalanxes. Sharply prominent middle finger has a length 15-17 refer to and quite often ends typical narrowing, able to be indicative of presence когтей. The Length of the step animal 0,9-1 m, depth of the submersion of his(its) foots - beside 2 refer to Form gigantic trace SH type, forming протяженные chains within 2-go следоносного of the field, the most well-marked. Powerfully pressed in in sort and surrounded broad platen, these traces contains dimly expressed imprint three short phalanxes. The General parameters trace this type: length 57-65 refer to, width beside пяточной of a part 33-35 refer to, beside basis internal finger - 4043 refer to, length of the step - from 1 before 2 m. Within this horizon numbers: 65-70 imprints of the legs dinosaur grouped in several insulated chain by length before 25 m. Coming from morphology and parameter described trace, possible expect that imprint 1 and II types in site SHirkent-2" is left representative two-legged ящеротазовых dinosaur from group Theropoda.
The Dinosaurs to CENTRAL ASIA were an inhabitant subtropics and in its settling seized the area with flat, низкогорным by landscape, verged to прибрежноморским lowland and эстуариям of the rivers.


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